Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning framework on

Machine learning is not only changing businesses but also the main source of the disruption lately. Today, sophisticated problems requires sophisticated solutions in very short periods of time.
We deliver bleeding edge machine learning algorithms on battle tested big data technologies. With its flexible architecture, Hattusa platform is ready to serve for very wide range variates of analytics problems.


Real Time

You can connect with virtually any data source whether structured, unstructured or streaming. With our pluggable connector architecture, you can plug in real time, near real time and windowed sources easily. From IoT devices to chat logs, from sensors to server logs wide range of sources can be ingested easily and made available to the analysis engine.

Machine Learning

You can develop massively parallel Complex Event Processing (CEP) pipelines easily. Range of different analytics options are available from statistical methods to the newest deep learning algorithms. You can easily utilize different deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffee, Thorch, Theano and MXNet.

Big Data

Every component is built on industry standard battle tested proven technologies. Integrated with Hadoop and related product family around it, Hattusa platform is ready to scale as big as you it to be. The industry standard technologies ensure that your data is never locked in a proprietary platform and easy to integrate your custom solutions around the Hattusa Framework.

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We use Hattusa in real world problems

we build our Analytic, Real Time Complex Event Processing and Machine Learning/AI applications
on Hattusa AI Platform to solve real business problems on real use cases.
Here are some of the example use cases