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Within SPP42; Interviews for recruitment are carried out by the relevant project Unit Supervisor.

At the end of the meeting, candidates who are believed to have sufficient technical knowledge and / or open to development, prone to teamwork and capable of adapting to pace are offered a job. Depending on the recruitment steps are continued.

HR Policy

Continuously improving our Human Resources System in line with the company's goals and strategies, based on the idea that investing in people is an unchangeable principle for success,

It is our priority to work with happy personnel by establishing an efficient and highly motivated organizational structure with our "Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Skill Matrices that we determine according to the department where our employees are located" that we regularly conduct.

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Performance Management

Within SPP42;

  • • We apply target and competency based performance evaluation system.
  • • We set our goals in line with the company's strategic goals and policies.
  • • In the interim periods, we go over our goals and get feedback about our progress.
  • • We do our performance evaluation based on our goals and the competencies required by the position.
  • • We are rewarded for high performance.
  • • We use our performance evaluation results to shape our career and determine our development requirements.
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