The Perfect Solution for Mastitis

MSP42 - Mastitis Detection System, is an appliance for early diagnosis, fitted on milking systems and portable milking machines. The system has been developed for diagnosing Subclinical Mastitis. Fitted on typical milking hose, this appliance can continuously analyse milk passing through it, at each milking cycle. It sends you an automatic notification at any moment a doubt arises for early mastitis.


Sensing with MSP42

Main method is diagnose illness on initial stage. Somatic cells is mixed by milk. These cells cause change electrical conductivity. The detection of mastitis can be done by continuous monitoring of the electrical conductivity of milk in the initial stage.


Easy installation

Once simply attached to the milk tube, the device will be ready to operate straight, without needing any further connections to be made, whether electrical or otherwise. Connecting the system only to the milk line is enough for putting it in service.


Automatic Warning

At starting stage, Mastitis and Subclinical Mastitis will be auto-diagnosed, triggering an automated visual alarm at different light intensities depending on the level/severity of the disease.


7x24 Operation

The device automatically detects the flow of milk and starts working. Thereby, it leaves no need for any further procedures like powering up the device or shutting it off once the milking process is over.

Features of MSP42

• Easy to install to parlour. Battery powered, no electrical connection required.
• The battery life is designed to be 2 years. After two years, the battery can be easily replaced.
• Diagnoses subclinical mastitis at an early stage. Instantly warns the milker.
• With two different warning levels, you can easily understand the stage of Mastitis.
• You can buy with secure payment over the website. You can install it very quickly after delivery.

How is It Used?

MSP42 has an easily-mountable structure which enables fitting on milk hoses. As the system does not require electrical power cords or other wiring, it alerts either the milk harvester or farm management with instant and timely warnings at different severity levels when it performs a Mastitis diagnosis.

Cut the milking hose to align MastiPro.

Place MastiPro as shown in the picture above.

Use the L-shaped tool to fix the moving milking hose.