Uzbekistan Projects

“ Spp42 had several IT Projects in Uzbek market since 2018 and founded Tashkent Office in March 2021. Tashkent SPP42 team is providing IT services and products not only to Uzbek market but also to neighbouring countries as Kazakhistan , Kırgızistan & Turkmenistan.

SPP42 Uzbekistan Office with more than 10 specialists serves talior-made IT solutions including both hardware , software and consultancy in different sectors as ;


As the next generation Payment System Provider in Uzbekistan , Parapay is founded in 2022 by finance professionals of Uzbekistan with more than 20 years experience and international IT / Payment Systems provider team services in 4 different continents.

By Summer 2022 , the Cloud Platform, mobile applications are ready to use and application documents shared with Central Bank for payment system license.

With parapay Clients have the freedom to use real e-wallet capabilities , P2P transactions , online payment gateway abilities and also other current market features.

Companies have the power of one stop online payment gateway integrations and easily maintain their own payment systems integrated with their loyalty programs.



Gap Funding is a company that was founded in 2022 by a group of experts who have been working in finance sector for over 20 years. Gap Funding helps people buy a house or a car together without paying interest, a down payment or a loan to a bank. Participants come together to pay the same amount of money together over the same period, so they only pay for the organisation and nothing else. In emerging markets, projects like Gap Funding are getting bigger every year. The main reason at first was a reluctance to pay interest grounds. But then the systems became larger, more mainstream and more reliable.



Boombuy is an application that offers a personalized shopping experience. It conveys the campaigns that are suitable for its users, lifestyles, tastes and needs, and enriches the shopping experience as they are used. Boombuy is a shopping application that recovers some of user expenses in their shopping, and offers special and personalized campaigns to its customers according to their preferences. It knows user needs and becomes user shopping guide by offering special offers that suit users shopping taste. It makes special collaborations for user with brands from almost every sector, from fuel to pet products, from security to tourism campaigns. It enables both users and partner brands to win.


Healthcare Informatics

Our expertise in Health Informatics

SPP42 team has the experience of health informatics projects with more than 200 hospital information systems implementation both in Turkey and abroad.

The leader of Health IT projects in SPP42 has consulled, developed an implemented National Health Information System in Turkey between 2006 and 2012.

Being a strong partner with HL7 , HIMSS , WHO and national organizations ; SPP42 team provides latest technology with the scope of global standards

Advisory for National Health Information Systems

Pilot Project for Device Management

Hospital Information Systems Projects for ! Private and 1 Public Hospital – Proposal Level

Partnering with ITMED / IT Company of Ministry of Health