With our Machine Learning tools, unveil the surprising new insights about the entire journey of your customer

With analytics integration, we have an access to massive amounts of customer events data, which should be classified and explored to understand each person that interacts with your content. What are their preferences? What makes them interact with your content the most? From the moment a user visits your website or app, start capturing key insights through realtime feedback, intelligent reporting and in-depth analysis.


Extensive Analytics

We give you detailed reports about consumer activities and preferences

Personalized Pages

Easily personalize your pages without writing additional code. Just inject our javascript

Consumer Behavior

Let AI analyze and classify your consumers by looking at the way they interact with your content

Some of the capabilities of the Lion Gate Arena training platform

we build our dataflow pipeline for Analytic, Real Time Complex Event Processing and Machine Learning/AI applications with Lion Gate Arena to solve real business problems on real use cases.


We build smarter AI Systems to measure and optimize the programmatic advertisement processes

With AI integration, get the most value for every impression on every page. Our tools help you to forecast correctly so that you’ll never overbook or undersell your ad inventory. We help publishers to take control of their add inventory and data assets to maximize the outcome.


we can make your brand unforgettable

We give you tools to transform your contents for your target group efficiently and effectively

We Optimize

We work together to deliver this awesome infrastructure so that you can deliver your awesome content to your audience and easily monetize it as well